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A boutique product marketing consultancy


Unlock the full potential of your product

Growth strategy, marketing strategy, and customer-informed product narrative that turns prospects into fans.


Successful products depend on the right
packaging, positioning, and go-to-market strategy

Let's create a GTM plan that your team can use
again and again to ship new products, raise money,
create buy-in, create community and optimize revenue

Over 95% of products fail when they launch

After taking 200 software products & features to market,
I've figured out the key insights required for a successful launch


Market Research

I will analyze the key trends about current and prospective audiences and build tools to support iterative feedback loops


Packaging & Positioning

I help companies craft a narrative and positioning framework that speaks to a company's target audience and ensure features on the product roadmap are packaged together into solutions based on priority and strategy


Go-To-Market Planning & Growth

I create a go-to-market process and back-office infrastructure so that product launches are streamlined and set up for long-term transparency and business success. I will help companies create alignment between your product roadmap and marketing and operation strategy. Based on your objectives and resources, I will create a growth strategy that helps you scale based on your business stage.

Pricing Options


Companies don't know which questions they should be asking when it comes to the GTM process, who to hire, and what signals to monitor. I help them see the missing parts of their strategy and understand the nuances of product marketing and how to set up the function in their company.

  • 90 min coaching call a week
  • Monthly check-ins with the Executive team
  • Run due diligence and assess GTM
  • Build GTM plan
  • Mobility and agility training



I work with leadership, sales and product to understand their long-term goals, and how their story fits into the hero's journey archetype.

  • Positioning workshops with team
  • Positioning architecture
  • Packaging (tiering all products)
  • Benefits & Solutions, Reasons to Believe
  • Company and product GTM blueprint and plan
  • Marketing strategy

*2-3 months


I embed directly into the company and build the company and product Go-To-Market blueprint and framework, which includes positioning and packaging.

  • GTM plan and strategy
  • Marketing strategy with specific deliverables
  • Positioning workshops with team
  • Positioning architecture
  • Packaging (tiering all products)
  • Benefits & Solutions, Reasons to Believe
  • Monthly check-ins with Executive team


*3-6 months

Yasmeen Turayhi

Consultant. Speaker. Author. Podcast Host

Consulting Testimonials

"Yasmeen and I have worked together in the past many times, and I can attest that she is a PRO at the Go-To-Market process. This will be an investment well spent."  

-Mary Sheehan

Head of Product Marketing,
Adobe Ad Cloud

Just wanted to say thanks for all you did with us at Formation over the last many months. You definitely springboarded our product marketing into, well existing and I learned a ton from you in a short period of time. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to work together again!

-Product Management, Formation

I brought Yasmeen on as Interim Head of PMM at Life360 to help develop processes and structure for the product marketing and to also help create a GTM plan for the launch of our new membership plans. Yasmeen was able to take the reign's and set the team up for a successful product launch while providing helpful frameworks and templates that the team could leverage moving forward. In addition, Yasmeen provided cross-functional leadership support and helped hire key marketing leaders. The team loved working and learning from her!

-VP of Marketing
Life 360